Tiptoe Goals


It’s just before 6 am, and though I know this goal that I had to write daily, once abandoned briefly due to illness, didn’t recover for much too long, I’m not letting that deter me from shooting off into a million other directions.

I collect goals the way cat ladies accumulate cats. I love them all dearly, these goals of mine, but they seem to have a life of their own, and I have enough of them that’s it’s a little hard to keep track of them all the time. Since I put out food and water, they seem to linger, but if you asked me at any point where a particular one was and how it was doing, I might know, or I might not have really seen it for a few days… or more.

I’ve started making my bed. That’s funny, because though my poor mother tried to make this a habit, it never really stuck. And I wouldn’t pass any kind of housekeeping inspection with my quick effort that amounts to little more than pulling the covers up and smoothing them out. But a friend got me started on Marie Kondo’s book a while back, and though I haven’t gotten very far there either, I do agree that having tidy spaces is restful for the eyes. I’m making an effort.

I’ve been trying to eat before 7p. It doesn’t always happen. Yesterday, VIP proposed a running date, meeting at a neighborhood trailhead at 6p. It was after 7p when we got back to the house, and our new renters had just arrived, so rather than diving directly into the business of dinner, we spent a bit of time getting them oriented and providing suggestions. So, I failed yesterday. But I have an alarm that reminds me to start thinking about food at 6p, so more often than not I’ve moved my meal-times a little earlier.

And speaking of exercise, there is that nagging running goal. And the low sugar one that is successful most of the time, except when I’ve had a particularly bad day. I also have a bunch of professional goals. And other, non-running, fitness goals. Cats, I tell you.

Another quiet effort, started today, is getting out of bed before 6am. I tried this a while back as a 30 day challenge (getting up before 5:30 that time to take more advantage of my mornings) and liked it, though the  key to success is not the morning alarm, but the bedtime alarm.

I thought I’d tie that effort to writing, posting, drawing and other creative endeavors.

Before, when I was trying to write/post something regularly, I was sitting down and trying to get inspired late at night. Late for me. And it felt like the goal was interfering with my sleep. Hopefully, I will be able to retrain my muse to show up in the morning instead.