More Vacation Please


Yesterday, a friend suggested that with all of these winter rains sweeping across the country, the desert blooms in the spring might be exceptional this year. Of course “it depends”, but it’s promising. According to him, Death Valley and Joshua Tree are both over-run with wildflower viewers at this point so you have to find a more out-of-the-way desert. Desert wildflowers have become a “thing”.

That much-missed precipitation and snow has fallen locally as snow. Perhaps this is finally my chance for that long ski tour that I’ve been meaning to get to for more than a decade now. It would be easy to take a whole week, but could possibly be crammed into less time.

A Glacier National Park visit has been on my hit list for a long time. I thought I was going to go last year, but then circumstances foiled those plans. When we cancelled those plans, we swore that this year would be the year. At least a week.

My closest group of college friends almost got together this winter for a reunion in Colorado. That’s a few days’ journey just to get there, plus time to hang out. Call it a week.

And I’d like to visit my parents, and VIP’s family out east. And I have a long list of want-to-dos over on the east side of the Sierra, most of which require substantially more fitness than I have now. So, exercise needs to be on the to-do list as well as the event itself.

Backpacking trips too… too many to count.

I have a lot of vacation by American standards, but clearly I need more.