One to Watch – Nico Walker’s Cherry

Apparently Nico Walker got a bunch of attention from BuzzFeed, even before he published a list of books that have most influenced him to Good Reads, though that is where I found him.

I think I fell in love with the guy when he wrote in his recommendations,

“I’ve been asked to put together a list of the five most formative books that I read in jail. I’m supposed to tie them in somehow with my own book, Cherry, so forgive me when I do that.”

Either that, or when he’s talking about Turgenev’s Sketches , the guy who lived war, and addiction and bank robbery says:

The spirit of the thing is beautiful. It overflows with love. And like all good books, it confirms all kinds of various things that you knew but you didn’t know you knew, that you hadn’t ever brought out and put into words before, though they were there for a long time, dormant down in your soul somewhere. The eternal truths. The ones that when one of them gets found out, you say, Yeah that is it, isn’t it.

At this point, Walker still has 2 years in prison, so it must be a little rough promoting his new book, but the New York Times and Esquire have taken an interest, and there are rumors of movie deals put on hold because he’d run out of phone minutes in prison. The Washington Post had a neat article about the cool cover design – a skull half hidden in a field of small white stars. I read the excerpt in Esquire, and am not sure I like the kid in the book all that much, but it reads like something worth reading.