I Could Be A Ninja

What does it say about a company that they will let you be an ‘official’ rockstar superhero ninja evangelist? The WSJ talks about these new dynamic job titles almost as a strategic move, as if upgrading the same job from “data analyist” to “data wrangler” is just a way to entice people into the same old role – as if any company could do it.

But my company doesn’t have any ninjas or rockstars on our payroll. We have a long list of pre-approved job titles and descriptions that are carefully hierarchical so that everyone can tell where they are in the pecking order. It’s neat. Tidy. Organized. And if I wanted to hire a marketing evangelist or communication ninja, that would imply significant paperwork and delay in the hiring process while the powers-that-be decided if that was appropriate for our brand. Because we are a serious and respectable company with a large team of HR professionals, any of whom might look askance at a PR Rockstar job title.

A company that has these creative and fun job titles has enough people who value fun, let’s call it a culture of fun, to push job titles like this through the red tape, or they have so little red tape that one or two people excited by whimsy can make change happen. Either way, isn’t that a company that would be exciting to work for?